EVS Eren Vana commenced its operations in 2007 and produces wide range of different valves with variety of valve sizes and models by using brass metal that goes through heated press processes on stoves. The factory has its production facilities in Kinali area of Silivri District in Istanbul within its own 11.000 m² indoor installations.

Our firm has been expanding and flourishing in its sector by acquiring the first-of-all-quality principle as its standpoint within the markets. Furthermore, EVS has been expanding and empowering its commercial connections in domestic and international markets by setting and preserving its principles on the basis of satisfaction and loyalty of its customers.

Our products has been produced at the highest standards in order to meet the needs of our customers and provide accurate solutions to their problems at all times. Moreover, EVS has been operating with Ozcanlar Door Handle Systems that has a leading position in quality standards and production processes within national and European markets.

EVS Eren Vana has been following and implementing the latest improved technologies and by doing so, EVS has been constantly increasing its market share in global world markets. Research and Development has been operated with highly significant importance and with all the staff working in EVS.

Our company is equipped with quality certifications such as ISO 9001_2000, SGS, GOST R, GAZMER, TSEK and TSE that illustrate the quality standards and customer satisfaction that were accepted as the primary company principles. We – with our all staff – aim to transfer our production processes to next generations and operate arm-to-arm with our customers as mentioned in our motto; 'Today, Tomorrow and Always'.